The Resistance of Philippine Cinema

An overview of Philippine Cinema, connecting past and present, local and abroad. With special emphasis to films and filmmakers who have used the artistic medium as a tool to address the socio-political conditions of the country. Participants will view many examples of Philippine cinema as a site of resistance and led through a series of topical discussions regarding the history and present state of Filipinos in film and other media.

OBJECTIVES: To contextualize the rich history of Philippine cinema as it relates to the socio-political conditions of the country, then and now, here and back home.To debunk negative stereotypes of our film culture and foster an appreciation for Filipino art and art works, as well as spur critical dialogue.

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April 2009: NWFASA Conference, Washington State University
June 2009: Liwanag Kultural Center, Daly City
June 2010: Pagdiriwang, Seattle
January 2010: Pacific High School, Pacifica
May 2010: South Seattle Community College
September 2012: Agitprop Film Festival , Seattle
November 2012: Anakbayan Seattle DEKADA 10